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4 Questions We Unconsciously Ask Ourselves

So much is going on in the world today that can cause upset, stress or anxiety.  Being able to stay present with yourself and what is by asking a few ?’s is one self-care strategy.  As my mother-in-law Jeanne used to say: “Don’t let the turkey’s get ya.”

Action is another way to push back against things you’re unhappy with. If it’s homelessness you’re most concerned about and you’re local look up The Focus on Prevention, or volunteer at a shelter.

One thing I’m focused on is helping more women get elected into local office. It’s said that when 25-30% of a group is female, the culture and focus of the group changes positively.

Let’s work on being more present and action oriented (rather than just complaining!!)

A good way to start is by reading this article:
How to Change Your Life in One Second Flat: The 4 critical questions we’re all unconsciously asking each other near constantly

Blessings & JOY – Lynn

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