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American Shopping Addiction (Infographic)

The Basics of Shopper’s Psychology and Credit

Understanding the concept of shopper’s psychology is an important step concerning improving your sales statistics. Simple things, like whether or not you accept credit card transactions, can be a real difference.

Did you know, for example, that people are more likely to spend extra if they can put it on a card? A lot of people find it easier to spend on credit because they do not associate it with actually spending money.

While we all know intellectually that a credit card purchase is spending money, swiping your card is not as impactful as handing over your hard earned cash. (Even though it is pretty much exactly the same thing.)

With the advent of online shopping and the ability to compare prices on the web, it’s much easier for people to find a good deal nowadays, so you as a salesman need to give the customer just that.

In other words, if you can convince someone that she is getting a great deal, that she will miss out if she doesn’t act immediately, and then make the payments process as easy as possible, your sales will automatically increase.

It is a tried and tested formula that has worked for centuries. But it is only one of the shopper’s psychology tricks that you might find useful. There are plenty more where these came from.

Many different aspects influence how much a shopper buys, from the obvious – the pricing of items – to the more subtle, the placement of items on a shelf, or product photos on your website.

The entire topic is too much to go to in full here today, but you can read more about the fascinating world of shopper’s psychology in the infographic below.

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