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Are You Struggling With Alcohol Addiction? If You Live In Or Near Modesto CA, Help Is Available. You Really Can Take Charge, Feel Better and Move Forward!

If you’ve wondered if you or a family member has a problem with alcohol or another kind of drug, this is for you.

The following four questions were designed to create awareness, which then leads to greater choice. Please take the time to gently, but honestly, answer them:

  1. What do I think is the cause of my drinking?
  2. Is there something I’m avoiding or trying to distract myself from?
  3. What am I really going for in a positive sense? Relief, fun, connection with other people, escape?
  4. Am I having problems with relationships, work, health or money as a result of alcohol use?

If you’ve answered yes to #4, please allow yourself to get help. Because things won’t magically get better. The first step – making the decision to get help – is usually the hardest.

Call 209-505-2675 NOW for a free phone consultation and feel better soon!

If you’re frustrated and tired of dealing with your own challenges with alcohol – or with a family member who has addictive issues – help is available.  I’ve helped individuals, family members and couples change addictive behavior, regain their sense of Self, and learn how to effectively and lovingly communicate limits with others.

As a holistically trained counselor, I work with the whole person: mind, body, emotions and spirit, depending on your needs. You’ll receive support and specific strategies to help you cope with the emotional ups and downs and the stress that addictive behavior produces.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with people from throughout the Central Valley. This includes from Modesto to Oakdale, Empire, Ceres, Turlock, Hughson, Livingston and Merced as well as Escalon, Ripon, Manteca, Stockton, Tracy, Lodi.

Are You Ready for a Positive Change in Your Life? Call Me Today at 209-505-2675 or email me at We’ll set up your free phone consultation ASAP so you can start feeling better soon!