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Are Drugs Or A Drug Addiction Causing Problems In Your Life? If You’re In The Modesto/Stockton Area, THERE IS Help!

Life can be challenging. But if drug abuse or a drug addiction is making it harder, help is available. Whether it’s you or a family member, acknowledging there is a problem is an important first step.

Let me make a suggestion. Gently, but honestly, answer the following questions. They are designed to create awareness, which can then create greater choices:

  1. What do I think is the cause of my drug use?
  2. Is there something I am avoiding, or trying to distract myself from facing?
  3. What am I really hoping to find, in a positive sense? Is it fun, escape, connection with other people, relief, or something else?
  4. Am I experiencing problems with work, health, relationships or money as a result of my drug use?

If you answered YES to Question #4, please allow yourself to get help – because things aren’t going to just magically get better.

You can call now or text for faster response:
Call or text at (209) 505-2675 or email me at lynntelfordsahl@gmail.com.

Smoking a little pot may start out as harmless fun. But – over time – using can go from fun to a problem. Instead of feeling better, you may notice life’s challenges are increasing. Problems build with work, relationships, finances or your health.

You might be thinking…

  • “I don’t need help – my family is overreacting.”
  • “I don’t know if I can trust this counselor.”
  • “I probably can’t afford counseling.”
  • “What if I call and this counselor isn’t a good match?”

 These thoughts are keeping you isolated and alone. And you don’t have to struggle alone.

I’d love to help you to feel better. Let’s talk. Your FREE phone consultation is quick (just 15 minutes) and will let you see if we are the right fit. My services are completely confidential. And again, there is no obligation to see me after our call.

Why not schedule a call now? Just call me at 209-505-2675, or email me at lynntelfordsahl@gmail.com. With more than 20 years experience helping people overcome addictions, I’m here and I’m ready to help.

Call Today! 209-505-2675