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Guest Blog – Michelle Peterson

Guest Blog, Michelle Peterson
A Survival Guide for Singles this Valentine's Day....

A Survival Guide for Singles this Valentine’s Day

 It seems like as soon as Christmas ends, stores hang gigantic red hearts everywhere, stuffed animals and candy come crawling out of the woodwork, and ads for jewelry play every time you turn on the television. If you are single, it can be tough to ignore all of the signs of romance and love and get through the holiday without feeling depressed or wanting to strangle the giant teddy bear that blocked your way to the checkout at the drugstore. Our survival guide for singles this Valentine’s Day will help you make it through the dreaded day of love with fewer wounds this year.

Avoid Social Media
One reminder of Valentine’s Day you can avoid is social media. If you abstain from browsing Facebook and Instagram, you’ll avoid seeing the photos and declarations of love shared by your friends.  Sometimes just not having to see all of the Valentine’s Day hoopla is the best way to make it through the holiday unscathed. If you absolutely cannot tear yourself away from your social media pages for the day, prepare yourself before you do. Remind yourself that you are not the only single person left on Earth and vow to stop scrolling if you feel too overwhelmed.

Another option is to take a proactive approach to social media for the day. Share messages of love and support with other single friends or take a humorous and sarcastic approach to the holiday and share memes that make you smile and laugh.

Treat Yourself
Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to remind yourself that you don’t need to have a significant other to experience love. You can exercise self-love on Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to a day off from work, a box of candy, take-out from a fancy restaurant, or a day of pampering. Purchase an item you wanted for Christmas but did not receive. Indulge in a guilty pleasure, whether it’s binge watching a favorite show or reading a trashy novel. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a treat you don’t get often and that you know will bring a smile to your face.

Have a Valentine’s Day Party for Singles Only
Whether you want to invite a couple of friends or everyone you know who is single, live it up on Valentine’s Day by throwing a Valentine’s Day party for singles only. Even though it’s a Valentine’s Day party, don’t feel compelled to plaster your place in cheesy decorations. Use bright colors rather than red and make it a fun theme. Play upbeat music and avoid ballads. Make appetizers and place food stations around your home so that people feel comfortable and can mingle easily.

Spend Time Doing Something You Love
If you have a hobby that you don’t get to spend much time on, make a date with yourself to devote time to it. Finish a craft project, paint a picture, play your guitar, take outdoor photographs, or break out your video games. You’ll feel good about giving yourself permission to do something you love to do but never make time to do, and you may just realize that taking time out for yourself is something you should do more often.

Commit to Improving Your Life
If there is an area of your life that you want to improve, make Valentine’s Day the day that you commit to doing so. Maybe you have been neglecting your health and you want to start working out again on the holiday, or maybe you struggle with addiction and you want to work toward recovery beginning on Valentine’s Day. Deciding to love yourself enough to improve your life is a perfect way to spend February 14.

Surviving Valentine’s Day as a single person is not easy. But, if you take a proactive approach to social media, treat yourself, throw a singles party, spend time on a neglected hobby, and commit to improving your life in some way, you’ll find that you come through the day with fewer scars this year.

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