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Guest Blog: Jennifer Scott

Embrace These Major Changes for an Improved Life

Life is an interesting interplay between everyday routines that become the norm and major transitions that shake up what you’re accustomed to. When faced with a difficult choice, it can be challenging to choose between change and familiarity. Here are a few major life decisions that end up being worth the effort.

Bringing a pet into your home.

There are myriad benefits that pets offer humans, including increased socialization, more exercise, lower blood pressure, and decreased feelings of isolation. First-time pet owners should invest in a few basics such as a bed , cage, leash, and food before buying a pet. If you’re adopting a cat, automatic feeders help ensure your feline is always fed even when you’re not home. Be sure to review sizes, features, and settings before making your purchase.

Moving for a new job.

Over 40 percent of people who relocate for work do so for a higher paycheck or a promotion. If you’ve ever been in this predicament, you understand the conflicting feelings that come with leaving your current stable life behind for a job with greater benefits. If you can get over the initial fear of moving, you’ll find that transferring for a job can lead to a more fulfilling career path, a greater sense of independence, and more prospects in the future.

Having your first child.

Perhaps the scariest and most life-altering decision you can make is bringing another life into this world. If you feel overwhelmed, keep in mind that nobody is an expert parent before their child arrives. It’s something that’s learned along the way. Before having a child, it’s important to invest in some basics such as a car seat, crib, diapers, and items to babyproof the house.

Life is riddled with difficult decisions, but they could also present exciting opportunities for growth. Don’t be afraid to make these major changes in your life—you never know the benefits which may come along with it.

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Jennifer Scott is an advocate for opening up about mental health. She runs the website,, to provide information for people with mental illness.

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