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Tips to Lay Off the Sauce (or Moderate), Stay Sane, & Hopeful During COVID-19 Crisis!

“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.”   – Amit Ray

If you are feeling confused, sad, angry, anxious, mild depression, you’re having normal feelings.

If anxiety or depression get worse then please reach out for help.  In California call 211 and you’ll be connected to local resources. (See below for my free offer of support).

During this medical crisis there is a lot of CHANGE and uncertainty going on. I don’t know about you, but I get out of sorts during big changes, especially those not of my own choice. COVID-19 is affecting our jobs, finances, sense of security, relationships and our mental well-being.

In my family, my 18 year-old granddaughter’s birthday celebrations, prom and probably graduation ceremony are cancelled. That’s true for seniors all over the country. It’s a big loss for them and their families.

For my clients that are newly sober, the anxiety and stress that is happening can create more vulnerability to relapse.  For those in long-term recovery, the same is true.

Relapse prevention includes paying attention to your attitude; work on more positive thoughts than negative and it’s doing the things that keep you sober:

  • Don’t drink or use!
  • Do use online meetings to talk with safe people about how you’re feeling and sobriety challenges.


It’s not wrong to have a glass or wine or smoke a little pot to relax in the evening. What I’m hearing from some tho is the “little” is turning into a lot. So… what else besides increasing consumption can you do to cope with the stress and anxiety of this time?  See below.

Mental Well-Being:

1) Know it’s ok to be feeling however you are. It helps to just name your feelings: I’m feeling anxious, angry, irritated, cranky, scared, sad, guilty. About what? Being out of work, not knowing when things will get back to normal. Where in your body is the energy of the feeling sitting? BREATHE in and accept. BREATHE out and release.

2) Try not to take your feelings/stress/anxiety out on your family. If you do, quickly apologize and work on your stress reactions.

3) Stress Self-Soothing Practice: Comfort yourself with this BREATHING practice.

3) Get out and EXERCISE – walk, run, bike, whatever you can – this raises our feel good chemicals and buffers the anxiety or depression. YouTube has many short exercise clips  that will get you feeling better!

For those of you that like a strong yoga class try Julia Maria – Excellent 30 minute classes.

4) Reach out to friends and safe family members for support.

5) Limit news.

HOPE & Surrender:

HOPE is a heart-centered word.  We will get through this medical crisis. We will get back to work, back to our routines, our financial and mental well-being. But, it’s going to take time and we don’t know exactly when…Hang in there!

SURRENDER: Since we can’t control the outcome, trust and let go.

How? Ah… Take a breath. Turn over the fear to a higher power or picture releasing the feelings out the window. We aren’t in charge of what the government is doing or how our states are managing this situation. They are doing the best they can.

We are in charge of how we move through each day, take care of ourselves and loved ones.

I am offering free phone or zoom conversations through this Covid-19 time period.

Feel free to call or text 209 505-2675, private FB message me or email:  lynntelfordsahl@gmail.  I will get back to you asap.

Blessings – Breathe – and BE…


A Great Read: Picking UP The Pieces by Marie Joiner

Local author & business woman Marie Joiner’s powerful new memoir has just launched on Amazon. She’s got a very real story of over coming tough stuff and becoming the success she is.


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