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I’m running as fast as I can. I’m so busy – Answering emails, going to work, looking for work, driving to and fro, texting, trying to stay in touch, running to the gym – to run. But what are we running to? And, what will we find when we get there?  The pace of life is FAST and constantly accelerating. We forget we have created all this. Technology and ourselves are to blame, or thank for this. I remember before the internet took off in the 90s, we were stressed, but nothing like today. Constant busy-ness is the self-induced stress of believing we have to be plugged in all the time or we might MISS SOMETHING or that because we’re so busy, we’re very important people.

I got into a discussion about everyone with cell phones out at the ready with my son, Rich, who, like so many, is adamant that for business reasons, he needs to answer every text, every email, whether he’s at a meeting, dinner or wherever.

I continued that discussion with my friend Dewey, who asked the question, “Why are we running so fast and to what?” Perhaps it’s time for us to take a pause and think about this. I’ll start. What am I running to? I know some of the answers: I’m running to greater success, more money, to be of service, to pay the the bills, to go on vacations, to have fun, to get the most out of life. Whew.  What about you?

 A change may be brewing. I hear more people say they long for real time connections with friends and loved ones; that they’re simplifying, and want to slow down. We live in an addictive society where the underlying theme is always MORE. The way to break the running so fast addictive cycle is through choice and PRACTICE. Let’s take a breath!  When’s the last time you turned everything off and had quiet time – just you and your breath, some soft music, the still of the air.  Let me know how it goes.

COVID 19 Stress, Substance Abuse & Relief with Tapping Technique

COVID 19 Stress, Substance Abuse & Relief with Tapping Technique

Is it possible to FEEL BETTER even though the stresses and strains of staying at home, job uncertainty, kids underfoot and spouses…being extra together? Yes. While Tapping Technique won’t change situations, it can help you cope better.  Effective coping is really important. Tapping Technique can help lower the stress/fight/flight response to the uncertainty, forced stay at home and relationship challenges. Lowering stress lowers reactivity and give us more a sense of control/choice over our emotions.

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