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5 Actions to Comfort, Soothe and Feel Better!

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

Whoo!! Are we over the stay-at-home thing yet? Or, are we settling in? What a crazy time and despite the conflicting information –should we re-open or not, are we wearing face masks or not, (most are) the drama/trauma oriented news cycle that I watch in limited doses & encourage you to do same… despite all that, most of us are weathering this time fairly well. But…

If you’re feeling extra anxious or stressed, or lonely, or restless these days, there are good reasons and you are not alone with those feelings.  We’re more isolated – shut in with our own thoughts and feelings – not as much busyness to avoid any inner chatter or negativity.  More are overusing alcohol, drugs and food. Be careful – over indulgence only makes us feel worse!

  1. Though it’s not easy, I encourage you to pay attention to your feelings and how your body is doing.  Our body and our feelings are our emotional GPS system. Our jaw tightens, our stomach feels queasy or tight, there’s a clamp on our shoulders getting tighter and tighter – these physical sensations let us know stress and/or feelings are going on.  Gently pay attention rather than avoid or tune out.As anxiety escalates, we might go into a state of fight or flight. To interrupt the fight or flight – Stay Mindful of what’s going on inside:  BREATHE…PAUSE…Meditate, pray, walk, journal or talk to friends. And, know that waves of anxiety don’t last forever.
  2. Really – BREATHE – take 6-10 deep belly breaths right now. Breathe in through your nose – into your abdomen – hold for a moment – EXHALE slowly through your mouth or nose. AH… Repeat.Sometimes it’s depression rather than anxiety we’re experiencing– or both… (yeah)…  We feel lethargic, sad, unmotivated to do anything… The best way to deal with low-moderate depression is ACTION – Get out and walk, workout –(tons of youtube, Prime gym videos), talk to a friend and share how you are REALLY doing – Watch a funny, uplifting movie and then clean the house, or clean the shop or mop a floor. Doing something productive whether self-care or home-care adds to positive feelings.  Productive activity helps you feel more in charge.
  3. Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts. Negative thoughts will take you down. Fight against them by challenging them – “Is this really true? How do I know this is really what’s going on?” And, what’s a better feeling thought? What’s the opposite thought of the negative one?
  4. IMAGINE & Pretend – Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Imagine along with me, and perhaps one of your own spiritual/religious guides: Picture: A beautiful, colorful, soothing, comforting blanket of love, peace, happiness, safety, security, trust, faith & HOPE spreading over our planet.This blanket penetrates the hearts and minds of every living being …BREATHE…relaxing tensions, …worries, … stresses and strains – bringing renewed energy.. . Go ahead – Take another breath –BREATHE in the comfort of this soothing blanket of love that embraces and holds you and helps you know that “you’re always ok, no matter what’s happening.” Repeat 3 X or more.
  5. Let Go:  I love this letting go practice I learned in the:  21 Days of Prayer by Angela Montano. Trust things will be ok – they usually are and we usually get through difficult things.
    • I Let Go
    • So Be It
    • Amen or Thank you



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