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Is Porn Causing Trouble in Your Relationship?

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve talked with over the last 10 years that have told me some version of “Porn is ruining our relationship,” or “porn caused our divorce.” And, through Covid, with everyone locked up in their homes, this distraction, that can lead to an addictive problem, has only gotten worse.

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How to Use Exercise as a Tool During Addiction Recovery

If you are in treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, exercise can be an amazing tool for your recovery. Working out can improve your mental health by providing you with an outlet for negative emotions, such as anger, stress, and anxiety. Also, having a new fitness routine can reduce cravings because it gives you

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Women & Addiction: Are Women More At Risk?

By the time I was 15, my mother’s alcohol problem had become severe. Her marriage ended. Divorced, no career skills, she was able to find a low-paying job. She kept sliding financially downward.  My dad wasn’t great about child support. Evictions, loss of car, and domestic violence in her new relationship all contributed to her

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Gambling Addiction: Are Casino’s Creating Addicts?

Casino’s are a place of fun, right? They are if you are a recreational gambler. For gambling addicts they are like the street corner where the heroin user or meth addict meets their dealer. Just like drug dealers, casinos have ways of increasing the desire and dependency of their customers….

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Make a Habit, Break a Habit: Here’s How:

Make a habit, break a habit. Are addictions treatable habits? Yes, but it’s just a little more complicated than that. If you’re wondering if you have a drinking problem, do you remember when you first started drinking, what it was you were really going for? Some of my clients report everyone else was doing it

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Make a Spending Habit, Break a Spending Habit!

Feel like a hamster on a never-ending-habit treadmill?  Losing weight and keeping it off has always been tough. But bad spending habits can be just as challenging and destructive. Now there are Apps like Urge or Make a Habit, Break a Habit to make it easier to stay on track. What kind of bad money

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Addiction and The Fear of Change

I remember when I quit smoking. I was 30. I’d been “trying” to quit for 2 years. Trying is like deciding, but not taking action. Actual change requires action. We humans like to be comfortable. We like the familiar. Change represents the unknown. Who will I be as a non-smoker, non-drinker, recovering drug user, or

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Addictive America Pt. 2: The “Lite” Addictions

Are all Americans addicted? Of course not. However, there are many that are “addictive.” Meaning they have what I call “Lite” addictions.  These normal Americans do a little shopping when stressed, work compulsively when anxious, or drink a couple glasses of wine a night to relax. In my book Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress,

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Addictive America: Buy, Smoke, Drink Anyone?

“Americans are addicted to being something they’re not. They’re addicted to things,” says Oprah. How addictive are we? Brad made an appointment for counseling with me by explaining that he was addicted to shopping, fast food & internet porn. I thought – wow – he’s so American.   If you have ever been so stressed

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