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3 Healthy Habits to Support Your Sober Lifestyle

At Addiction Modesto, we know that embracing sobriety is a courageous and often challenging journey. Adopting positive routines and healthy habits can significantly increase your well-being and reinforce your commitment to a sober lifestyle. To help you get started, we’re here to share some practical strategies for cultivating healthy habits that will support your long-term

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Do Seniors Have Substance Abuse Challenges?

Photo by 910416 © Igor Kharlamov | We don’t necessarily think of senior citizens having substance abuse issues, but about 17% are vulnerable to developing a problem because of life changes such as loss of spouse or friends, health restrictions or the changes of identify that retirement brings. Check out this guest blog by

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How to Use Exercise as a Tool During Addiction Recovery

If you are in treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, exercise can be an amazing tool for your recovery. Working out can improve your mental health by providing you with an outlet for negative emotions, such as anger, stress, and anxiety. Also, having a new fitness routine can reduce cravings because it gives you

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Addicted to Screen Time? How Do You Know?

I’m hearing more and more people express loneliness and boredom and I’m seeing more rudeness and snarkiness. We rush to our screens to get rid of the boredom or for the excitement of what’s going on or to NOT FEEL LEFT OUT. And, while there are fun things on FB, Instagram, etc. how are you doing with personal relationships? How’s your stress level? (More screen time can = more stress.)

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Joy Training for the Addictive Brain!

Joy training for the addictive brain? Yes, it’s possible I’m happy to say. I was at my brother Lee’s 12 Step N.A. meeting when he got his 1 year chip. Yeah Lee!!  There were 100 people in the room celebrating each other for their hard work to stay sober from 1 year to 28 years.  It was amazing to see and feel the hope, love and JOY in the room.

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Guest Blog: Bethany Hatton

There are few things in life that are more painful than seeing someone you love go off the rails because of substance abuse. Their family life begins to crumble; their career comes to a screeching halt; and they become emotionally distant, angry or depressed.

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Guest Blog – Belle Robertson*

Guest Blog – Belle Robertson
The sewer, the manhole cover, and the forecast is sunny

Quitting drinking is like getting out from underneath a manhole cover. It’s a big, weighty thing that threatens to slam back down on us if we aren’t careful….

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Gambling Addiction: Are Casino’s Creating Addicts?

Casino’s are a place of fun, right? They are if you are a recreational gambler. For gambling addicts they are like the street corner where the heroin user or meth addict meets their dealer. Just like drug dealers, casinos have ways of increasing the desire and dependency of their customers….

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