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“Americans are addicted to being something they’re not. They’re addicted to things,” says Oprah.

How addictive are we? Brad made an appointment for counseling with me by explaining that he was addicted to shopping, fast food & internet porn. I thought – wow – he’s so American.  

If you have ever been so stressed or anxious that you’ve reached for the closest piece of chocolate or run for a quick latté to make yourself feel better, you can relate. It’s so common to go for the quickest relief advertisers recommend when we’re overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.  And, we’re programmed to do so.

Most of us long for more happiness, but don’t always know how to achieve it. For a long time, I didn’t either. I grew up in the typical addictive home – alcoholic mother, sports and gambling obsessed dad – abuse, depression and anxiety.

Today, as an addiction counselor and co-dependent therapist, I know how to let go of “upset” feelings and create peace and happiness. I’m not saying every day is a JOYfest – I have my challenging days too – that’s life. But, I’ve found a secret. The key is to go into, rather than away from upset. We humans want to avoid pain. Understandable. And, it’s paradoxical, but when we use body-mind strategies, like those in Intentional JOY we move through stress & upset quickly, and can feel better, or even good in just a few minutes of our time.

P.S. about Brad:  After 3 months of weekly counseling, Brad was able to PAUSE and be aware of how he was feeling – angry, sad, frustrated, numb, before unconsciously going for the fast food or shopping. A year later he was happy and at college doing well.

It’s FREEING to know we aren’t victims of the feelings or thoughts we experience. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now: “Things and conditions can give you pleasure, but they cannot give you joy.”

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COVID 19 Stress, Substance Abuse & Relief with Tapping Technique

COVID 19 Stress, Substance Abuse & Relief with Tapping Technique

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