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Hope & Suicide Prevention for Teens & Adults

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.”  Poppy Jamie

How did I go from being suicidal at 19 to a pretty consistently happy person today?  Why is our country experiencing a 25% increase in suicide rates since 1999?

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Addicted to Screen Time? How Do You Know?

I’m hearing more and more people express loneliness and boredom and I’m seeing more rudeness and snarkiness. We rush to our screens to get rid of the boredom or for the excitement of what’s going on or to NOT FEEL LEFT OUT. And, while there are fun things on FB, Instagram, etc. how are you doing with personal relationships? How’s your stress level? (More screen time can = more stress.)

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Joy Training for the Addictive Brain!

Joy training for the addictive brain? Yes, it’s possible I’m happy to say. I was at my brother Lee’s 12 Step N.A. meeting when he got his 1 year chip. Yeah Lee!!  There were 100 people in the room celebrating each other for their hard work to stay sober from 1 year to 28 years.  It was amazing to see and feel the hope, love and JOY in the room.

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Guest Blog –

American Shopping Addiction (Infographic)

For the majority of Americans, shopping is a fun weekend activity. After a long workweek, we love to drive to the nearest shopping mall, grab a drink with some friends, and of course, browse through the stores. Couples do it, young people do it, mothers do it, and even older adults love to go shopping. After all, we are a consumer society.

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Guest Blog: Bethany Hatton

There are few things in life that are more painful than seeing someone you love go off the rails because of substance abuse. Their family life begins to crumble; their career comes to a screeching halt; and they become emotionally distant, angry or depressed.

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Healing the Heart for Connection & Happiness

There’s a story I share with my clients that comes from Robert Bly, an author and poet who wrote a book called “A Little Book About the Human Shadow”.  He says we’re all born as beautiful, loving golden globes of light and energy. As we grow up in our families, go to school and develop friends, we feel loved or not, to varying degrees. In response, we often give up parts of ourselves to please our parents, our teachers, churches, friends, etc.

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